Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Ending

The small interior town of Esperança has exported several businesses and workers to the capital city João Pessoa. Two such businesses are the China Taiwan restaurant and Janeide's Beauty Salon. 80% of their workers are from Esperança. When we started evangelizing the restaurant workers, we naturally connected with the salon also.

So far three at the salon have been baptized, all three having husbands, brothers or brother-in-laws who work at the restaurant. Last year Rosa was baptized, and then on June 9 of this year Andreia and Vitoria were baptized at the beach. That Thursday was important because it was Andreia's husband's day off, and she really wanted him to be present for this most important decision of her life.

She called him with the good news, but unfortunately he had been drinking that day and said he was against her decision, and that if she didn't come home right after work, he and their daughter would be gone. I took Andreia to talk to him and they argued but he came around when she showed him she wasn't going to change her mind. He surprised us by showing up in the nick of time to see his wife be buried in Christ

Vitoria's decision was a little easier. Vitoria had been thinking about baptism, and when Andreia told her of her decision, she said she wanted to too.

Afterwards, Andreia's husband invited everybody to the restaurant to eat and to celebrate.

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