Monday, June 27, 2011

From Learning English to Living the Life

    When our AIM team arrived, I let Erick, Ashton, and Tiffany take over Bible Club. It is a Bible study in English at an English school. Aaron started coming. He is an English teacher who lives in a nearby city and has to teach morning, afternoon and night to make ends meet. To participate in Bible Club he had to miss work, but he made the sacrifice because he said that what he was learning was more important than work. The English practice was good but to Aaron learning God's word was the best, his excitement showing visibly on his face at each new thing he learned.
    Erick started spending more time with him and studying the Bible with him, one on one. And soon Aaron decided to join the holy priesthood, giving his life to Jesus in baptism. He was the first person Erick baptized. Of the two I don't know which one was more excited.

    Aaron dreams of working one day in Canada. Pray that wherever he is in the world he will share Christ with others, starting in his hometown, Conde.

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