Monday, June 20, 2011

Evangelism Hidden Behind The King

Evangelism Hidden Behind The King
            I have studied the Bible with my neighbor through his interest in English two or three times.  He and his family are faithful Catholics.  The first time we studied I was very excited but soon disappointed.  The same happened the other times we studied as well.  It never went far because he seemed interested in English and not the Bible and would soon become busy with other activities.  So when we arrived back in Brazil in February of this year and my neighbor approached me and asked to study English using the Bible, I admit I was not excited and really thought I have better things to do with my time.  I have gone on a 12 mile walk with him and his friends, attended birthday parties, help hang paintings, installed a new stove, TV, etc. and could not think of anything else that might allow us to spend time together and build a friendship where he would see Christ in me in such a way that he would what to learn about Him too. 
God is patient and He wants everyone to be saved.  One day I heard him coming down the hall with a couch that he had gotten reupholstered.  I went out to help.  After that he asked if I knew how to play chess.  I said yes but it has been a while.  He asked if I would like to play a couple of times a week.  We found a time once a week and began playing.  I have lost 10 games and won only one.  I thought I was better than that.  During a chess game you don't talk a lot but during the week when we see each other there is a bond that was not there before.  I plan to win more games, but there is something of much greater importance at stake that needs to be put in check.  Please pray that Romero will see past the king on the chess board and give himself up to the King of all kings.

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