Monday, June 6, 2011

The Big Three Events Are Down To Two

 What one expects from a weekend campaign is:
·       A lot of new contacts to visit;
·       Bible studies;
·       Visitors at a special meeting with an interesting theme;
·       Excitement among the church for participating in something bigger and more important than themselves. 

All of these ingredients we had this weekend.
    The members came and left very excited to be able to participate in spreading God's Word.  After 1,200 personal invitations to a Saturday night meeting, there were six visitors to hear and learn about Family.  We also had 160 people take correspondence courses and leave their names and addresses for the Mangabeira church to visit.  In two weeks we will participate again in inviting 1,200 people to take a classroom setting course, pray that the classroom will hold them all.  All of this with the hope that from all of these 2,560 people we have invited to hear God's Word that some will have fertile soil. 

Please pray:
·       God will work in all of these lives to produce fruit;
·       God may use us to prepare the hearts of those whose hearts are not already good soil;
·       All those who participated in this campaign, through prayer, financial gifts and physical presence may have grown and continue to grow in courage and boldness in spreading the Good News all over God's great field, the World.

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