Monday, June 27, 2011

Baptized In Salt Water: Becoming Salt To The World

            I visited Sônia and Beta in Areial about a month and a half ago to talk to Beta about questions she had concerning her faith in God.  After her sister Simone died leaving a six year old daughter behind Beta doubted God's love.  We talked and she seemed relieved but still needed to "work things out" with God. 
            Sônia told me while I was there that she and her son were planning on coming to João Pessoa in June to spend some time at the beach and relax.  I received a call on Wednesday, June 22, that she would arrive on Sunday along with Beta and her daughters.  Sônia also informed me that Beatriz, Beta's daughter, wanted to be baptized.  What a great surprise!  They all arrived on Sunday as planned, and Beatriz was baptized for the forgiveness of her sins and now has God's seal of the Holy Spirit in her.
          It seems as if Beta worked through her doubts and is more confident than ever that God is love even though we do not understand everything He does or allows.
            Please pray for Beatriz and her new life in Christ in a city of around 10,000 inhabitants and only three Christians.  Please pray that God will open up people's hearts in this small town so that God may save them. 

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