Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tough Day

While we were taking Suely to Recife, we received word that Simone, a sister in Christ in the interior city Areial, passed away. She and her six year old daughter had a motorcycle accident on a country road when a calf jumped out in front of her. The daughter had a broken arm, but Simone had a head injury. The doctors operated on her to relieve a blood clot, but she went into coma and died. She is Sonia's sister.

An update on Suely's son, Anderson: he had killed a man in self defense ten years ago and lived under a death threat from this man's family. When we received news of the murder, we figured it caught up with him finally. But it looks it had nothing to do with that. His family says he got into a fight at a soccer match. Later that day, the teenager involved came and shot Anderson at his work out gym. It seems so senseless to die over an argument at a soccer game, and the sad part is that he seemed to be getting his life in order, even with God. He started visiting the church, talking to one of the missionaries. He would call his mother every night. I read the messages he sent his mother every day, sometimes twice a day; they all talked about God, some were prayers, some were blessings.

    Please pray for Sonia and Suely, and their families as they deal with terrible loss.

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