Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Missions In May

     I will be traveling this weekend to Cajazeiras to teach an intensive seminar on "Faith and Obedience"over the weekend.  Please pray for a safe trip and encouraging, edifying classes.  The church in this city has a lot of young people.  Most of whom have not grown up around Christian influences.  In fact, many of them have seen more drug dealers than people imitating Christ.  Helping them understand God's Word and the promises in which their faith is rooted is important for them, as well as any Christian.  Helping them understand how that faith will be evident in their lives through words, actions and attitudes will be important for all of those around them. 
     On May 13th, Joe McKinney and I will head out for Patos, returning on May 16th.  Our goal is to discover church's needs and how to best help them.  We will also visit other small towns that have congregations - Emas, Catingueira, Pombal and Cubati - visiting and encouraging each of them. 
     I will also travel this month to Campina Grande to work a little more with the team and help with the follow-up work from the campaign. 
     In João Pessoa, Monica and I will be visiting members of the church and trying to involve them more in the Kingdom.

Please pray for us and these plans.  Please pray that:
  • God may give us wisdom and use me to encourage all of the Christians with whom I come in contact;
  • God may give us a greater and clearer vision of what He would have us do for the growth of His Kingdom;
  • We may live in such a way that those who do not know Christ may see Him in the way we live.
May God bless us all in the plans we make and may His will always be done,

Jeremy, Monica, Nicholas, and Dylan

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