Monday, April 25, 2011

Mangabeira Mission

Mangabeira is the largest neighborhood in João Pessoa with around 200,000 people, yeah, it is a neighborhood.  The church began meeting in a house on November 14, 2010 and moved to a school in January 2011 where they have had an average of 20 - 25 people on Sundays. 
     The two full-time evangelists, Raniere Menezes and Raniere Vieira, along with 6 young Americans from AIM (Adventures In Missions) out of Lubbock, TX, went door-to-door for close to 8 months.  There have been three baptisms, the last of which was Joseane.  She is Jorginho's wife.  He himself was baptized 9 months before and his new Christian life has obviously influenced his family.
     Numerous Bible studies have also been held as a result of these efforts.  Raniere Menezes reports that in January he knocked on the door of Benedita, who asked if he would conduct a Bible study in her home.  He said "Yes".  She told him that there was one thing he needed to know: she is a devout follower of "Our Lady of Penha" and she is the coordinator for a Bible study group of 30 catholics, and she asked Raniere: "Is that a problem?".  Raniere promptly replied: "We are going to simply study the Word of our Lord" and the Bible study was set up.  At the first Bible study there were 10 visitors at Benedita's house and as of the last report, 9 people still continue. 
     Please pray for Mangabeira and all that God is doing through this mission effort in this neighborhood.
Summarized translation from the Mangabeira blog:

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