Monday, April 25, 2011

Cajazeiras: Project Going Strong!

Here is this month's news from the city on the other side of Paraiba:

    The Perpetão Championship - the Right Step Project - reaching kids and families through soccer - participated in this exciting event. The boys got to play on a professional field, and it got families more interested and a flood of new students - more people to study the Bible too.
    The Right Step kids are taught morality lessons in a classroom and practical lessons on the street. They put together 70 sandwiches and made juice and distributed them to the homeless, who sleep on the streets in Cajazeiras. Confronted with so many sad situations, the kids were touched and a second day of feeding the hungry is in the works. Rivaldo Café wrote, "We talked a lot with some of them and they are people who listen and they kept asking who we were and we answered that we are your future friends." On the second day, they will have more time to share our Eternal Friend.
    Jorginho, disciple of Christ and soccer player, traveled to Recife to tryout for one of the big soccer clubs, Sport Clube. The church is praying that God's will will be done in Jorginho's life.
    They are studying the Bible with groups and personal studies, and also Bible courses (Principles of Christian Faith and Sermon on the Mount) Café has called some of the first converts to give the morality classes to the younger ones. This week they will have a meeting with parents of 35 students, aiming to get them more involved in the program.
     "Each day we have more boys wanting to enter the project, but we are having to turn them back," reported Café. "All the spots are filled, and it is hard to say no to pleading parents and kids but we are overworked, trying to study with the ones we have. We have started a study just for new students and they are asking about the Christian life. We plan to schedule some events that don't involve soccer."

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