Monday, March 21, 2011

The Return to Brazil

The McKinneys and Newlins are back after report visits in the USA.
Actually we have been back a month and a half. Getting settled in with
new schools and new work routines, a process that should have taken a
max of a couple of weeks has dragged on for what seems like forever. We
have had some mishaps.
But first we want to thank everybody who made our trip to the States a
blessing from God. We are sad that we didn't get to spend time with
everybody, but I hope to on our next report visit.
Our first accident: Edda fell off a ladder and broke her toe. The
ladder was old and rusted and came apart under her. Poor Edda had a list
of 101 things that had to be done, but she couldn't walk well or drive.
She hobbled around too much for it to heal properly so even after a
month it is still swelling up.
Our second accident: Edda spilled boiling water on her hand, a second
degree burn that hurt so much that she couldn't stand to keep it out of
cool water. Fourteen hours later at 4 am either it felt better or she
was too tired to let it keep her awake, and she got some sleep. Her hand
looked awful for a couple of weeks.
Our third accident: well, I'll share that one in a future email.
The Newlins have struggled with their kids' school. Nicholas and Dylan
are in limbo while the Education Department decides whether to send them
to the next grade or hold them back because of all the bureaucracy that
they require just because the boys went to a US school for a half year.
Life doesn't always work out as we plan. Thank you all who have prayed
for us.

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