Monday, March 21, 2011

Campina Grande Travel Update

Thank you all for your prayers during my trip to Campina Grande.
    I met with the team on Saturday night.  I wanted to hear from the three families  what Joe McKinney and Christopher Boyce had discussed with them during their visits.  My objective was to  to help the team in unity.  Joe McKinney has developed "The 16 C's to Team Building" and he went over the first, "Communication" with the team.  I asked the families what they would like to talk about from the list of 16 and they chose "Dedication".  Hey, the "16 c's" are "c's" in Portuguese not English.  Anyway, we talked about dedication to their team goal, dedication to one another and above all dedication to Christ.  We had a devotional time and fun conversation. 
    The team is really excited about the campaign on April 1st through 3rd.  We worked out some details and everything is pretty much organized.  Now, it is only a question of time before we hit the streets with the message of God's saving work through Jesus Christ.
    I met with the church at night and preached.  I really enjoyed my time with these wonderful families who have dedicated their lives to spreading God's kingdom wherever they may be.
    Please pray that:
  • God will work through the team in Campina Grande to build-up His church in that city;
  • God will bring those whose hearts are good soil to study His word
  • the church will be energized and edified through participation in the campaign.
God bless you and keep you,
Jeremy, Monica, Nicholas & Dylan
You can call us in Brazil at our Magic Jack #; this is a Nashville, TN area code: (615) 752-2969
Skype us at: jeremy.newlin

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