Monday, March 28, 2011

Campaign in Campina Grande

Only 4 days till the Campaign in Campina Grande!!!

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
    Campina Grande, the second largest city in the state of Paraiba will be invaded with a little over 50 people (some 45 from João Pessoa and some 7 from Recife), 3,000 tracts to hand out, and 200 correspondence courses.  We hope to impress the city with the unity and love of the body of Christ during these three days. 
    The team in Campina Grande has planned different activities to call peoples attention:  a tent in a public square where people can come for prayer, a group singing on a busy sidewalk, and door-to-door visits in a neighborhood.  The objective of handing out the tracts is to get people interested, then these new contacts will be offered a correspondence course to study the Bible, not by themselves, but with someone accompanying them as they go through the lessons.  Plant the seed, water the seed and wait for God to give the increase.  We have the Good News and we want to share it.
    We ask for your prayers as the group from João Pessoa goes to help the church in Campina Grande generate more contacts to visit and to study with. 
    The campaign does not end on April 3rd.  The most important part of the campaign is following up with these visits and studies.
    If you would like to come and help in the campaign you are more than welcome to do so but you do not have to be here to participate in this campaign.  You can pray before and after April 1-3.
I ask that you pray:
  1. That God will prepare the hearts of everyone that we will come in contact with during the campaign;
  2. That every person involved in the campaign, that includes everyone who is praying, will be encouraged and will grow in love and faith in God;
  3. That God will add many people from Campina Grande to His Kingdom.
There are 4 days before the grande campanha in Campina Grande.
May the peace and grace of our Lord and Savior be with you all,
a servant of the King

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