Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Coincidence or Providence

Sometimes there are coincidences so amazing that they confirm our certainty: we have a divine Hand working with us.

Colinas do Sul is a neighborhood on the outskirts of João Pessoa. Brother Naldo moved there and began a congregation in his house after a couple of months of concentrated doorknocking in the vicinity. A lady called Dalva said she wanted to study the Bible. She got excited about what she was learning and called her sister to tell her. Her sister, who lives in Mangabeira, another part of town,  said that she too was participating in a Bible study and was learning a lot. They wondered if it was the same church. Dalva told her sister how the study was conducted, then her sister related her experiences. They came to the conclusion that it probably was since both studies always had a prayer at the end. Her sister is Severina who was recently baptized in the midst of a storm.

The church is beginning in Mangabeira too, but Severina was contacted through her neighbor who works at the Chinese restaurant on the other side of the city. Two sisters, completely different parts of the city being reached by the same Good News at the same time. Coincidence, providence - whatever it is, praise God! Dalva followed her sister's example, giving her life to Christ, being baptized for remission of her sins. She is the first convert of the new Colinas do Sul congregation.