Monday, November 22, 2010

Stormy Birth

    One of the people at Michele's baptism was her neighbor Severina, and she said, "Soon it will be me." For a long time she has wanted to dedicate her life to Jesus, and she would start going to a church somewhere, but as she got more involved, her husband would begin to threaten and forbid her to go, and she would end up doing what he wanted.
    This time, though, she has decided for good; if he leaves, then he leaves but Jesus will be the Lord of her life. Severina gave her life to God and a small group met at the beach to baptize her. While we talked there, a strong wind arose suddenly - we rushed to the water's edge - then a storm cloud flung open its floodgates. Someone opened a flimsy umbrella that was nearly torn apart by the wind.
    Severina and I rushed into the dark waves, and she was reborn in the midst a storm, possibly a foretaste of what her new faith must weather. Since her baptism, her husband has brought her to despair with fights, manipulations, leaving home, coming back, and prohibitions.
    That night everyone was soaked and teeth-chattering cold - pray that the brethren can also share in her burdens and help shoulder her tribulations that try to turn her away from the Way. 

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