Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Southern Hills Church of Christ

    What a lofty name for a small beginning! Colinas do Sul (Southern Hills) is a very poor neighborhood on the outskirts of João Pessoa. Naldo and his wife Lena were converted in the interior of Paraíba and, after moving around the country, finally settled in Colinas. They met for a while with the João Pessoa congregation, even though the long bus ride would always make one of their kids throw up. But, with the purpose of reaching this distant housing project, they started meeting in their home in April of this year.
    We did a pamphlet campaign on his and a neighboring street during two months, during which we visited each house and left a Bible message. From this effort, four or five Bible studies were initiated.
    Naldo built a garage in front of his house; other congregations helped put a roof on it. Two months ago it was inaugurated with chairs discarded from a school. Elias and Roberto have helped Naldo with the Bible studies. Joseph has taught a weekly School of the Bible course in the garage on When Everything Seems Lost, and David has helped with the Sunday meetings and planning. Several other brothers and sisters have door knocked and visited. It's a small start in a ghetto of João Pessoa, but God's people are coming together and cooperating to bring light to the darkness, the good news to the lost. 
Pray for Naldo and Lena and for everyone who needs Christ in Colinas do Sul.

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