Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our Missionary to New Zealand

AIM is a two year program in Lubbock, TX, that gives young people the opportunity to work on mission fields around the world. Diego dos Anjos and Renato Menezes from João Pessoa have gone through the program and both served in Mexico. Marcos Paulo Sobral (Ricardo and Sueneide's son) is currently serving in New Zealand. Here is an excerpt from Marcos Paulo's November newsletter:
I've started two Bible studies, one of them is with Sam (left in the picture) he is a really nice young guy that loves to play sports, I'm enjoying to study the Bible with him. The other one is with Korana, my flat mate Andrew is leading this one, Korana is very nice guy that we've been trying to help, he has a lot of problems that needs to be solved and we are doing our best to bring him to Christ and to help him get out of those problems, he is very interested in the Bible and he really wants to change, so that's a good thing, please keep him in your prayers.

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