Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mangabeira Mission

Since the middle of the year, Raniere Menezes and Raniere Vieira have been concentrating on the Mangabeira neighborhood. Read the following introduction, translated from :
First Steps: Taking the Good News
by Raniere Vieira
    Mangabeira is the largest neighborhood in the city of João Pessoa, in area and population, which is estimated at 200 thousand inhabitants, many of them coming from the interior.
    It is a poorer neighborhood, economically and spiritually. Sin is prevalent there, as in most poorer neighborhoods of big cities: addictions, violence, promiscuity, ruined families, etc. But we also find good opportunities: people interested in the Gospel, open hearts, hospitable families, and ready ears.
    We want to invest in this location because we recognize the need to "seek and save the lost", and the land is fertile. We already have several brothers and sisters who live there and give testimony to the new life in Christ Jesus.
    We have taken several evangelistic actions in Mangabeira: campaigns, Bible courses, handing out tracts, small group studies, and others. But we want to intensify the actions, the goal being the establishment of a congregation by the end of this year in Mangabeira.
    Two families, Menezes and Vieira, are working toward this goal, plus some other disciples have become involved in the weekly activities there.
    We already have a small group study at Jorginho's house every Tuesday night. Before the study, we hand out tracts from house to house near the study location, inviting people to participate.
    Handing out pamphlets has brought good results, one of them is a Bible study at Rivelino and Sandra's house, a family that seems to be open to the Gospel.
    We will intensify the evangelistic actions during the next days. We want to get more and more contacts, we want to have the most possible with the purpose of studying the Bible with every single one of them.
    May God bless this neighborhood through His Kingdom!

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