Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Great Supper in Cubati

The Great Supper (A Grande Ceia) is an annual event for the churches in Paraiba. Our brother Afonso hosted it this year in his small town, Cubati.
Here is Afonso's evaluation of the repercussions of the event in this town:
Praise be to our great God and Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.
Peace to all our brothers and sisters.
These three days seemed like Pentecost in Cubati. The repercussion was marvelous
Comments from the Cubati inhabitants:
    Professor Valmir (school director):
     "There have been a lot of events here at the school, but I have never seen one like yours. Since the first contact with you, I already felt a difference. You are organized, orderly, nice, helpful, clean (we returned the school all cleaned), having good manners and beautiful. Whenever you need it, and while I am still director, the school will be available. If you need it a thousand times, it will be loaned to you a thousand times."
People at the bread stores, here is a comment among several:
    - Mr. Afonso, sorry that I couldn't make it to the school, but what were you all doing there?
    - We were talking about Jesus Christ and having fellowship to motivate everyone to do better for our God.
    - Ahhh, you are believers.
    - Yes, we are. We are Christians.
    - But you're different.
    - In what way?
    - I don't know, but you are different, and, Mr. Afonso, that is good.
There were so many comments that I could spend a long time typing: people asking about who we are, people asking to study the Bible. Beloved, pray for the church in Cubati that everything may happen according to the will of the Lord to the honor and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Afonso and Vania

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