Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Political Clowns

This past Sunday the church in João Pessoa took time to pray and then vote for president, senators, governor, federal and state representatives. We read Romans 13 and trust that God is in control, even in Brazilian politics. A lot seems to be at stake here with an unfettered left, that has wooed the lower class with handouts, pushing abortion, homosexuality, etc.
Most Brazilians are tired of the mess: the obligatory free airtime for politicians, the rallies that litter the streets and disrupt traffic, the corruption, new scandals of stolen millions regularly showing up on the news, and high taxes financing it all.
And it didn't end Sunday... Several of the candidates received less than 50% of the votes, so at the end of the month, the whole populace will be subjected to the mandatory vote again.
The people did send a message to the politicians Sunday's election. Tiririca, a comedian and clown, was the highest voted federal representative.
In his campaign he asked, "Do you know what a Federal Representative is? I don't know either. Vote for me and I will find out and tell you." He received 1,348,295 votes in São Paulo.
This week at our children's activity in the Castelo Branco Square, I asked the kids about the elections, whom their families voted for, and then I asked them what could they do to make the country a better place. The answer, more powerful than any political election, is to pray and choose Christ for your life. Through you, He will transform your family, your neighborhood, gradually reaching the city, state and country, and even the world. Now that is real power!

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