Friday, October 29, 2010

Pentecost in Paraíba

"This is Pentecost in Cajazeiras," Rivaldo Café said, "Almost three thousand were baptized in Jerusalem, almost ten in Cajazeiras." A wild comparison, of course, but the excitement that produced it was legitimate. Six young men gave their lives to Jesus and were baptized on Saturday.
I was blessed to be there: the sixteen hours on a bus, going and coming, was worth it. I went to teach a weekend couples' seminar on the theme "God Gave Me You". The couples (around 12) were mostly parents of kids in the Right Step Program. The changes in these boys' lives have made an impression on the families, many of which have started Bible studies too.
Saturday morning, after the soccer practice, three of the boys asked to be baptized. We headed to the building. Café began filling the portable swimming pool while I talked to the boys about what it means to come into the Family of God.
Franze (15 yrs), Luam (14 yrs), Jorcelam (17 yrs)
(Franze and Jorcelam are brothers. They all have been in the program for two years and have had Bible studies for several months.)
There was supposed to be a Bible study in the afternoon, but instead four more boys came knocking on Café's door. Three of them wanted to be baptized. Café went to fill up the swimming pool again, while I reviewed biblical baptism with them. The fourth fellow is still undecided because the father of his girlfriend told him that their relationship would end if he became a Christian. 
Jorge (14 yrs), Jonas (13 yrs), and Neto (14 yrs)
(They too have been in the Right Step program a couple of years.)
It was fun watching Café trying to find something for each one of them to do at the Sunday church meeting because they kept asking, "What about me? What can I do?"
Just received a report from Recife: Saturday, October 23rd was a special day there also: there were six baptisms in Boa Viagem.
Please say a prayer for new Christians in Cajazeiras and Recife that their new faith in Christ will weather anything the enemy throws at them.

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