Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prayers and Fasting for our Families

One of the most devastating attacks of the enemy against God's people is when he invests in our families. We pray for protection for our loved ones, but we live in a world that never tires of trying to divide our families, constantly pulling and poking at our faith to find a vulnerable spot.
The congregation in João Pessoa, in the face of one difficult situation after another, has taken a whole Sunday this month to stay together in prayer and fasting for our families.
We are praying for couples in the church losing hope of solving their differences, Christian wives tearfully bearing the responsibility of maintaining the marriage with non-Christian husbands, mothers and daughters in unrelenting tugs of war, unemployment and financial strains, and the most shocking of all, one of our teenager, who is barely beyond childhood, confessed to the church that she is 8 months pregnant (her own mother only found out a week before). It gets worse: the enemy (I won't call him a father) is an older man who is being sued by three other young girls for child support. Her parents are Christians, going through a spiritual hurricane, wondering what they did wrong.
Pray with us that our families will take up spiritual armor and the shield of faith to defend against attacks, so that more time can be spent on sharing the Gospel with the lost instead of picking up the pieces after the tornados.