Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sharing Jesus in Mexico

by Renato Menezes
Renato is the second young person from João Pessoa to go through the Adventures in Missions program. His 18 months is Mexico is about to end, and undoubtedly he has grown tremendously in his faith during these past two years.
    Here is his report on his personal Bible studies:
    Praise God I started studying the Bible with one more person since last month, raising the number of weekly Bible studies to four.
    Ema is one of the main people that work at the orphanage where we have a ministry (the children from there call her mother). She would visit the church before, but stopped because of work and other things, but in the last months, she not only started coming again, but brought her daughter too. Some Sundays ago I offered a Bible study, and she accepted happily (I was happy too). So then Ramiro and I began to meet weekly with her to study the book of John. We talked about the importance of baptism and about whether her baptism was Biblical, and we came to the conclusion that it was so she has been presented to the church. We have continued the study, which has been a great blessing to me too.
    Another person, with whom I am studying about Jesus, is Jesus! He is the brother of a sister of the church. He didn't have time to study because of his job, but some weeks ago he left his job and we began to study the Bible in Portuguese. Since we began, he hasn't come alone, bringing two friends who have been faithful to the classes until today.

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