Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Finding a Church Home

      Lucéia found the João Pessoa's church building's address on the web and, with her husband Jocildo and their two daughters, visited our Sunday meeting. They started participating in the church's activities and since then Beijamim Junior has had a weekly Bible study with them. Lucéia is a disciple, having been baptized for the remission of sins and expressing her desire to work alongside the congregation in God's purpose. Junior presented her yesterday to the congregation. We pray that Jocildo is close to a decision for Christ. He told me that things have been changing in his life and he is liking the change. 

40,000 Reais

by Ricardo Sobral

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!
The LORD our God is powerful!
To Him all honor and all glory!

Our God is truly marvelous. We have completed what we started last year.
In March of 2009, we challenged the brethren of all Brazil to raise R$ 40,000 (approximately $22,200).
And in the past 12 months, brothers and sisters have responded positively.

    We made it! Glory to God!!!!

We have today R$ 40,170 committed for the sending of a church planting team to Campina Grande.
Raniere Vieira and I went to São Paulo to participate in the ENOC and CRE events. We went there to complete what was proposed 12 months before to raise this money for 2010.

We thank the brethren for completing the goal. We thank God for their willingness.

Please, beloved, continue to pray for this work, that more will want to participate in reaching a city for Christ, for the campaign for 2011 has begun.

Hallelujah! Thank you, Lord!

Our Aim Graduate

    Diego dos Anjos, before entering his medical school, decided to go through the Adventures in Missions program in Lubbock, Texas. After eight months of Bible training, he spent a year in Tlapan, Mexico, evangelizing and assisting in the mission work there. He was brought home early because of the H1N1 Flu scare. Since then Diego has initiated his journey to be a doctor and in the following tells about graduating from AIM.
If you would like to receive Diego's bimonthly news reports on his continuing serving the Lord in João Pessoa,
write him < diego_dosanjos@hotmail.com >
Diego dos Anjos:
Going to the States
    In the beginning of February I got on a plane and took off to the United States of America. For
more than a year I had been praying and asking God to give me this opportunity. The main reason was
that on March 15th would be my AIM Graduation, and I wanted to be there so bad.
    Well, for a while I thought it wouldn't happen, but I am glad my God is bigger than my faith!
And there I was…. Back in the land where everything started…. excited to see all my classmates and
    Four days before AIM Graduation we were invited to participate in the AIM RE-ENTRY SEMINAR.
During the seminar we had time to talk about our mission field time. It was good to hear my classmates'
stories about what they did on the field and how God used each one of them. It was also a good time to
catch up and talk about what we have been doing back home. For what I've felt, every single one of my
classmates had to face a big challenge coming back home. This famous challenge is well-known as
Reverse Culture Shock. After 14-22 months living outside of your own country, it feels weird being
back – things have changed, people are different, and most of the people you know can't connect to the
things you have been doing. It is hard, it's challenging! But this seminar was good for me to figure out that I was not the only one facing this giant.
    Ex-aimers and the AIM Staff were a gift from God. He presented me with brothers and sisters
who can understand me and help me with their experience since they had faced the same things.
It was good to see old friends again and be encouraged by them.
AIM Graduation
    On March 15th… I will never forget…
"Serving the Lord in Tlalpan, Mexico – Diego dos Anjos, from Brazil"…
    What a great night! What a great banquet! For so long I was praying to be there. Be able to graduate and see my teammates, classmates and supporters. I don't have a lot of words to describe how special this graduation night was for me. But I celebrated. I celebrated the fact that God answers prayers (allowing me to be there). I celebrated the fact that my classmates were there,  that they persevered in foreign lands.
    Many months ago I was rejoicing the fact I had gotten an American visa and would be able
to go to US and be a part of the AIM Program. On March 15th, 2009 I was rejoicing the things God did for
me and through me. I was rejoicing for things He taught me, things He showed me. I was rejoicing how
good HE was to me.
1 Thessalonians 5:16 – "Rejoice evermore"