Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Surprise Birth!

       Michel has made Christ his life. He worries and suffers with friends and especially his family who don't share the hope that he has. His mother, Ana, has visited every religious group possible for years, looking for something to make her life easier, but she had never decided for Jesus. Also having tried countless times to kick the addiction of over half a century of smoking without success, Michel gave up hope of anything ever changing in her life.
      But things can change, and Ana came to me and said "I want to be baptized, but don't tell Michel, I want to surprise him." We gathered several brothers and sisters at the building; I asked Michel to come, but he had no idea for what. When his mother sat down by him, he said, "Mom, what are you doing here?"
I read the story of Nicodemus about being born again. Nicodemus said that it was impossible for a grown man to return to the womb of his mother, but he didn't say that a son couldn't assist in the new birth of his mother. When Michel understood, he was speechless.
      He baptized his mother into Christ, the first of many to come, and he said the surprise still hasn't worn off. Please join us in prayer for Ana, who with Jesus' help is going through the withdrawal pangs of quitting smoking cold turkey.  

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