Tuesday, March 30, 2010


       If you were invited to participate in a four year program that would give you more knowledge and prepare you for the future, what would you say?  Oh, but wait! There's still more: it is also free and after completing all of the classes you can receive the equivelant to a college degree!  Well, that is what SEARA is. SEARA (Harvest or Servants Sent To Announce The Kingdom of Love) is a Bible degree for the members of the church here in João Pessoa.  

   20 members of the church were invited to participate. 11 remain after 6 weeks. Due to lack of time or other obligations, 9 asked to be excused.  These magnificent 11 are learning how to prepare and give a Bible study, they are organizing a state-wide church event for October of this year, they will be evangelizing door-to-door to help plant a church in another neighborhood in João Pessoa, and of course they will be preaching and teaching.  

       Jesus' classroom was and still is life, mine and yours. Everyday class is in session, and there is always homework to be done, taking a look deep inside ourselves, seeing where Jesus still has not been invited in, and being ready to act according to our teacher's direction.  Have you been in class?  Have you done your homework?  The whole purpose of SEARA, here in João Pessoa, is to prepare members to SERVE the MASTER, there is no greater lesson to be learned and no greater diploma than eternal life given to those in Christ.

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