Monday, March 1, 2010

Prayers for Cajazeiras Campaign

Ten fearless men and women went from João Pessoa to spread God's Word in Cajazeiras (8 hour trip!).  Armed with six different, interesting pamphlets, 2000 of each, they will visit every house in the vicinity of the church building each day of this week. Most visits will be just delivering that day's pamphet, but at the end of the week, their faces will be familiar in the neighborhood, and they will know which families are open to studying the good news of Christ. All will be invited to evangelistic meetings on the weekend. Follow up will consist of studying weekly with the willing families.

Please join us as partners in prayer for the lost souls in Cajazeiras: that God may open closed hearts and closed doors, that seekers will find God's Son, that our workers, though facing a dusty hot climate and a hard Catholic culture, will not become discouraged but will have great opportunities to honor God before all.

Your prayers are so important to this work!

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