Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Only One Option

by Raniere Menezes

Last year, Adriana Cristina, a dear sister in Christ, asked me to start a small Bible study group in her house. In addition to wanting to bless her neighborhood and relatives, Adriana's main purpose with this small group was to bring the church and the word of God closer to her husband, João.
   This man knows what the word "sin" means, and he knows, in a very deep way, some consequences of being a sinner. Prostitution, drugs and disobedience to God were common things in João's life when he was younger.
       Adriana and her daughter Beatriz became followers of Jesus some years ago, and they have taught João the gospel of Jesus Christ through words and through their lives. After studying the Bible eight weeks in their house, André, another brother in Christ, and I invited João to a personal Bible study, and he accepted.
    On the first day I asked him what he would do if he discovered that everything he believes is different from God's will. João said that he would have only one option because the truth is in the Bible: he would do God's will, and after three months that is what he did. João decided to give his life to Christ, being baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of his sins. Please pray for him and for his new life in Christ.

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