Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Building A House On The Rock

     As with all newborn babies, new Christians also need a lot of attention, care, and teaching.  My family will be in Cajazeiras from April 16 to April 18, teaching a three-day intensive class to new converts and some visitors as well. 

  Café asked me to come edify the church.  Thinking about about God's perfect plan of salvation, about new Christian's needs, especially in worrying about what happens if they sin after being baptized, I decided to teach my routine evangelistic Bible study because it deals with these things. Therefore, visitors have been encouraged to come to these three days to learn God's will.  These are the eight lessons:
I.    God Created And Man Sinned;
II.    Abraham, Moses, and God's Chosen People;
III.   Prophecies About The Messiah;
IV.  Faith in Jesus And Repentance;
V.   Repentance And Confessing Jesus As Lord; 
VI.   Confessing Jesus As Lord And Baptism;
VII.  Baptism, Uniting Yourself To The Body Of Christ Which Is The Church;
VIII. Grace And The Church, The Fulfillment Of The Promise To Abraham.
Please pray:
that we will have a safe 7 hour trip going and coming;
that God will open my mouth to speak the truth of His Word;
that God will open the ears and hearts of those present so that God's Word will have an everlasting effect on their lives.
Please pray also for Café and Leila - they feel the need for spiritual renewal. Café said, "I have served the church for 22 years now, we need the church to serve us."  It is not out of selfishness that he says this but out of a desire to serve more with a wisdom of being still and knowing that God is God. 

Please take a moment and pray for these things and may God bless you.

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